“International Securities LLC is a brokerage firm (the “Firm”) incorporated and registered in Abu Dhabi, regulated by Securities and Commodities Authority, and specializing in equities and derivatives trading on ADX, DFM, and Nasdaq Dubai. The Firm is based in the UAE and does not have any branches outside of the UAE. The Firm registered business name is “International Securities” and does not operate under any other name in the UAE or abroad. The only website operated by the Firm is www.intlsecurities.ae and it does not have any other websites.

The Firm does not ask anyone to transfer their money/payments to the Firm online without first being formally engaged by its clients after executing written documentation. Unless a client has signed the Firm’s engagement letter and/or terms of business, he/she will not be considered to be a client of the Firm. The Firm will not be liable in any capacity whatsoever for any actions or omissions of any third party purporting to act on behalf of the Firm and offering services or requesting payments, whether inside the UAE or abroad.”