• Abu Dhabi Head Office: Al Bateen Towers, C2, 14th Floor, Office 1402. (Location Map)
  • Dubai Branch: Sheikh Rashid Tower, World Trade Center Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Office 2203. (Location Map)

Opening a new International Securities trading account is easier than ever,
just a few clicks, You can open your account anytime or from anywhere that is convenient for you.
It's simple, secure and it takes just few minutes to complete your application. (begin)

Before you start, please have the following documents ready and then click on "Begin" button to start:

  • Original Passport and National ID.
  • Stamped and dated IBAN certificate issued by your bank.
  • Family book for UAE nationals.
  • Utility bill and stamped bank statement for none UAE residents.
  • If a Minor (below 18 years)?

    Legal guardian must be present at the company's office with next documents:

  • Original valid passport for (legal guardian - minor).
  • Original valid National EID for (legal guardian - minor).
  • In the event that there is a guardian other than the father, a copy of the guardianship order issued by the court must be attached.
  • For more information, Contact Us.
  • Letter addressed to ADX and another to DFM requesting to issue investor number, signed by authorized signatory/signatories, (Not necessary If NIN is already issued).
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association and valid Commercial/Trade License.
  • Authorized Signatory/Signatories Letter (Not necessary if the same is mentioned at the Memorandum of Association).
  • Copy of the authorized signatory/signatories valid Passport and National ID.
  • List of Authorized Traders along with their contact details and copy of their valid passport and National ID.
  • Register of Board Directors.
  • Register of shareholders (exceeding 5%).
  • IBAN certificate issued and stamped by the company’s bank (if the same was not dated it will be rejected by market) the same is for receiving cash dividends.
  • Tax certificate.

If a Company is registered outside UAE, All below documents should be duly authenticated by the official authorities, the UAE embassy in those countries and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs inside the country:

  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Commercial/Trade License.
  • Power of Attorney issued outside the UAE.

Note: All required documents in addition to our agreement should be stamped by the company stamp.
Agreement should be signed infront of our Company Representative or verified by the bank.

No, accounts are opened and maintained free of charge.

  • Please note that: Cash dividends are received thirty working days after updating the data.

  Via applications:  

In case of not receiving the cash dividence contact with ADX or DFM.

      To update your personal information in the market:

    • Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) Please download: (SAHMI Android) / (SAHMI iOS)
      for more information about how update the data Video
    • Dubai Financial Market (DFM) Please download: (DFM Android) / (DFM iOS)
      for more information about how update the data Video

      To update your personal information in the International Securities:
    • Please complete and submit this form along with with your valid Emirates ID from your regisrated email to (cs@intlsecurities.ae).

Please complete and submit this form along with valid UAE ID from your regisrated email to (cs@intlsecurities.ae).

  • Via online channels: (Android / IOS / E-Trade)

  • Steps:

  • Select Transfers.
  • Select Bank (in order to save new account details) → Insert the IBAN details → and Save.
  • Select external transfer → Wire transfer → Choose the desired bank account.
  • Transfer amount → Submit.

You can place trading orders in the following ways:

  • Via mobile App Please click here for more information, and to download the App (Android / IOS).
  • Via E-Trade platform. Please click here to access (E-Trade).
  • By calling (from your registered mobile number to) +971 24 942 666
  • By email (from your registered email) dealing@intlsecurities.ae
  • Via Bloomberg messaging.

We treat all customer personal information as strictly confidential and it is stored securely in our records, in accordance with the relevant UAE laws and regulations.

  • Please click here for information.
  • All commission rates may vary according to the regulator and markets instruction and/or company discretion.