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Below are the guidelines and requirements for opening an account with International Securities to be able to trade on ADX, DFM and Nasdaq Dubai.

Investor Number

Trading in the UAE stock market requires an investor number issued by the exchanges. In case you already have one, you can proceed to the next section. If not, International Securities can apply for an investor number on your behalf once you fill the following required forms for the market you are interested to trade in.

Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX) Investor Number
Dubai Financial Market (DFM) / Nasdaq Dubai Investor Number - English
Investor Number - Arabic

International Securities Trading Account

You can now directly start trading through International Securities by filling our “Account Opening Form”. You also have the choice of opening a margin account by filling our “Margin Trading Agreement”.

Individual Corporate
Individual Corporate
Marginable Shares

Supporting Documents

You need to submit a set of supporting documents according to the account type you are opening.

Online Trading

International Securities also offers a web-based online trading platform in addition to a mobile application. You can subscribe to these platforms by filling in the “Internet Trading” section (page 18/19) and “Smart Device Trading” section (page 20) in our “Account Opening Form”. You can find below our eTrade, mobile application and trading manuals links.

Supplementary Documents

International Securities collects the below documents required by the markets and International Securities in-advance to avoid operational delays & offer you a smooth trading experience. These documents are required for the additional services which an investor may require.

Trading Fees

The following document includes our trading fees disclosure for both International Securities and the markets.

Important Notes

  • Once International Securities and markets forms are filled and signed, you will need to verify your signature by any bank or sign in presence of our company representative.
  • You can scan us back the soft copies of your documents in reply to this email and later send us the original documents by courier to our head office.
  • We will create your account once we receive your documents. We will send you a confirmation email including your account details and assign you a portfolio manager to assist you further.
  • For placing your orders, call our trading desk on 02-4942666 or you may use our online trading platform as described earlier.
  • You can send us the receipts of your deposits at in order to make sure your funds are available in your account for trading.
  • For more information, Contact Us.

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